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Bajan Aroma Therapy

Bajan Aroma Therapy is different from any other aroma service out there. Your mind and body will be awakened by the techniques I use. You're not just going to smell the aroma; you are going to be in the aroma. So just relax and let the aroma do the rest.


Bajan Hot Stones

Bajan Hot Stones are not just placed on your body; the stones are moved with different techniques to relax and manipulate the muscle as you feel the tension release. I can tell you how it will be done; but I rather you experience my hot stones.


Bajan Prenatal

Bajan Prenatal is so relaxing , you and your new born will feel so much at peace. My atmosphere is warm and comforting; you will be so comfortable, how could you not fall asleep. 


What my customers are saying

Ayrion is great. He pays attention to my needs and made me feel very relaxed. His techniques was awesome. One of the best I've ever had. I will always come back. You can't beat the service for the price.

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Compare my service package to anyone else and you will find Bajan Paradise Massage is the  best fit for you.

New Clients, please arrive 15 minutes early to sign intake form.

Coconut Package Membership

                 $40 monthly

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