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About Us

Bajan Paradise Massage is owned and operated by Licensed Massage Therapist Mr. Ayrion Llinton. I have an overwhelming passion for the healing touch of massage. I am a native of the island of Barbados. This is where the term bajan comes from. Bajan Paradise Massage is focused on providing the most relaxed service with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Bajan Paradise Massage will do everything to meet your expectations. Know that with a variety of essential oils and lubricants to choose from, you will be happy being tranquil. My goal is to make sure you feel welcomed and calm when you arrive, and have the essence of peace and relaxation when you leave.  

Why Choose us!

Why choose Bajan Paradise Massage? What sets me apart from the competition? I believe in the power of my clientele! The essence of my knowledge and techniques to give you the best experience possible; and the best part is YOU WILL FEEL WELCOME!  Here at Bajan Paradise Massage I am passionate about my work ethics and extremely passionate about......YOU! My goal is to provide you with relaxation; but my mission is for you to enter paradise.....without breaking your pockets.